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At Barr Planning, our Development Services provide streamlined and expert-driven solutions for projects, big and small. Whether you’re tackling intricate projects with multiple workstreams, navigating planning proposals (or modifications), or dealing with local, regional, or state significant development applications, we are here to power your development’s approval process. 

Our team of seasoned professionals take the hassle out of the equation by managing the entire lifecycle of your application. We handle everything from assessment preparation to lodgement and determination, including the coordination of sub-consultants and engaging with consent authorities on your behalf. Our expertise extends to the preparation of essential documents such as Planning Proposals, Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Statements of Environmental Effects, Clause 4.6 Variation Reports, and 4.55 Modification Reports.   Our qualified staff include Registered Planners accredited by the Planning Institute of Australia and Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioners (REAP), enabling us to certify EIS for State Significant developments.  Additionally, we boast a qualified team capable of preparing CPTED Reports, Waste Management Plans, and Preliminary Hazard Reports. 

At Barr Planning, we’re not just another service provider; we’re your strategic partner in achieving development success. Trust us to navigate the complexities of the approval process, so you can focus on what you do best. 

Development - Barr Planning

Navigate your development process seamlessly with Barr Planning

Standard Development Approval Services:

At Barr Planning we specialise in simplifying the development approval process, particularly for projects facing challenging sites or unconventional zoning. Our team collaborates closely with architects, surveyors, and certifiers to address the unique requirements of each project, ensuring a seamless proceeding.
Our expertise extends to various developments including: 

  • Commercial & industrial developments including change of use or mixed-use developments  
  • Housing developments  
  • Subdivisions  

The NSW Planning System can be intricate and time-consuming, requiring a deep understanding of the right processes, plans, and reports.
Let Barr Planning simplify this journey for you.

Simply fill out the inquiry form below to commence your development journey with confidence. 



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