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 At Barr Planning, our Advisory Services are grounded in deep industry knowledge, offering bespoke strategies that align with both your vision and the evolving regulatory climate. We believe in proactive collaboration, ensuring that your projects are guided by expert advice at every step, turning potential roadblocks into pathways for success. 

Why Choose Our Planning Advisory service: 

Launching in 2023 is Barr Planning Advisory – is a service providing ‘targeted knowledge based guidance, advice and strategy’. 

→ Strategic Vision:

Our experts dive deep into your planning strategy, illuminating the pathway to approval. We provide a strategic lens that aligns your objectives with regulatory intricacies, ensuring a seamless journey. 

→ Risks and Rewards:

Uncover the spectrum of risks and opportunities that lie ahead. From business growth to community impact, budget considerations to consultant collaboration – through research and due diligence, we analyse every facet to empower informed decisions.

→ Focused on Success:

Transitioning from concept to delivery is our mission. With our Advisory Services, you gain a seasoned partner dedicated to propelling your project from ‘here’ to ‘approved,’ minimising roadblocks and maximising outcomes.

To support strong and integrated strategic analysis we also collaborate with allied services including geographical analysis and spatial data, Property advisory and valuation, and other specialised services. 

Services offered include:

Bespoke advisory reports to respond to client specific matters
Strategic land use planning advice
Land Assessment and capabilities analysis
Planning Approval Pathway Strategies
Planning Studies and policy preparation
Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement 

Rebecca Johnston & Stephen Barr - Barr Planning team, town planning