Celebrating Graduations for Jack & Samuel

Congratulations to our Planner and Project Planner Jack Varka and Samuel Liu on their recent graduations from university.

Jack has recently graduated from a Bachelor of City Planning (Honours) from the University of NSW. When reflecting on his learning, Jack comment that it “was the perfect degree that balanced my interests in improving our communities and striving to protect our natural and built environments.” Although impacted with COVID lockdowns, Jack thoroughly enjoyed his studies, and is thankful for having the support from Barr Planning, Jack commented, “I couldn’t thank Stephen and Rebecca enough for giving me the opportunity to continue and progress my studies in a practicable and fulfilling way, and for encouraging my future careers outlooks.”

Furthermore, our Project Planner Samuel Liu, graduated from a Master of Planning with a Distinction Average from the University of Technology in Sydney. Samuel comment on his positive experience and reflected on how well the course was structured along with how it provided opportunities to learn from real world planning practice through exposure to experienced industry practitioners.

A key reflection on his studies was the strategic planning skills he developed through the practice of identifying and evaluating site specific characteristics. Samuel commented that these skills; “enabled me to identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of a proposed development on a given site. I’ve learnt, and am continuing to learn, that urban planning is a complex and challenging task. It requires a collaborative and coordinated approach across many different disciplines to reach satisfying and beneficial outcomes for individuals and the broader community.”

Samuel says he’s grateful for the opportunity Barr Planning gave him, which allowed him to put his knowledge into practice whilst completing the course, he comments “I’m now looking forward to furthering my knowledge of planning through continued professional practice.

Barr Planning are proud to have supported both Jack and Samuel during their studies. We will continue to encourage all our staff to seek new challenges and experiences to allow them to continually progress and learn.