The causes and effects of affordable housing

Recently, our Project Planner Samuel Liu, who is currently studying a Masters of Planning wrote a report on the causes and effects of affordable housing and the nature of the problem. Receiving a high distinction, we chatted to him about his research into the problem and what he found most interesting!

“I recently completed a report on the topic of housing unaffordability as part of my Master of Planning. The report identified some of the underlying causes and consequent effects of housing unaffordability in Australia, then explored some supply side and demand side solutions to the problem.

The report contributes to the current housing affordability debate by suggesting that undersupply of housing, whilst an important contributor to housing unaffordability, is not the primary cause of the problems we face today. The overt emphasis on housing supply in political and social discourse neglects to account for demand side factors such as record low interest rates, slow wage growth and home buyer incentives in the housing affordability problem. What this reveals is that the problem of housing unaffordability is complex and multi-faceted, and as such requires a collection of coordinated supply and demand side solutions to be effective.

I am very thankful for the support I’ve received from Barr Planning whilst completing my Masters course. My university studies have enriched my understanding of the planning system and will equip me to better tackle the planning problems of tomorrow.”

Samuel is currently completing his Masters of Planning at University of Technology in Sydney. At Barr Planning we love to encourage and support our team with their ongoing learning to improve themselves both professionally and personally!