Development Assessment

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What are the goals for your development? What factors are essential to the success of the project? What are the financial and contractual requirements?

We will work with you to determine the site risks such as environmental and practical matters affecting the site and implications on yield, cost and time. Our experienced team will manage the preparation of assessment, lodgement and determination of your application for you.

Barr Planning can also work with your existing team or can introduce consultants who can share specific knowledge including; Ecology, Traffic, Engineering, Bushfire and Design.

Services provided by Barr Planning include:

  • Potential yield and approval paths for feasibility assessments

  • Desktop assessments – identifying risks and ways to manage them early in the process

  • Rezoning

  • Environmental assessments

  • Preparation of Development Applications

  • Provide specific technical planning advice (Section 94 advice or VPA)

  • Liaise with local government and other authorities to understand and deliver your project

  • Determine the best approval path and structure of your consent to meet your financial and budget time frames